Vinod Mohankumar

NAAC B + Accrediated, Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

When I look back to my College Days………………
The cost of success are late nights, early mornings, very few friends, being misunderstood, feeling overwhelmed, questioning your sanity, being your own cheerleader but guess what? Don’t give up, coz it’s worth it.

Every person goes through a phase of life where he or she must step into bigger shoes to play the character. It came early in my life. During my last graduation semester, I applied for more than 60 places finally to get an opportunity as a fresher. We all know no one needs an inexperienced person at his office. Being patient enough to overcome the fears of no job at hand, focusing on improving my interviewing skills, learning as much as possible to join a better firm.
I am grateful to my friends who unknowingly changed my life. In a real sense, they are the building wall. I still remember the day my friends came over to my place and influenced to join MBA @ PIBM. They did surround me and tried to convince me to join the same college as they did. I met Gururaj sir the next day to discuss on the joining procedures @ PIBM. He made me feel comfortable and we discussed on how my decision will impact my professional life.
For me, PIBM gave a chance to prove my worth. People do get second chances in life but realize that they have lost that opportunity. MBA gave me the chance to go pro. Initially I felt an age difference between me and other college mates but it eventually falls into the same puzzle box. New faces all around the corner. We were more into extra-curricular activities than involved in studies. We used to answer all the possible queries raised during the lecture but we knew that grades didn’t mark the criteria for success. During the first semester, the then Placement Officer @ PIBM took our class asking as to what type of companies are we expecting. It was a detailed brainstorming session where we all presented our ideas which can change the reach of an MBA professional @ PIBM. She requested us to create a detailed report which can be utilized in expanding our reach via Job Fair and thus help the MBA class in achieving their ambitions.
During the Semester exams, we all studied together all night. Everybody has put in tremendous efforts to score as well as to evolve. My personal experience says that even too much of efforts can spoil the effect. I have studied from more than 4 reference books for Business Law, jotting down all the relevant points and explaining it to my friends. My friends are thankful today that I helped them in their studies. The fact is I flunked Business law and everybody in my class passed with good scoring marks.
PIBM gave us the perspective to look at problems with a different angle. Rather than waiting for the opportunity to knock my door, we created a door which opens to frequent opportunities with the support of our placement officers.
We took understanding of our teachers such as Shweta Ma’am, Niji Ma’am and other faculty members in Job Fair preparations which will be effective for our own development. We effectively applied what we studied in our classrooms. We applied all our management skills in developing Job Fair to the next level. Connecting with HRs, cold calling them and converting them. Due to PIBM, I got an opportunity to work on the Branding Project for KRYFS Toyota – heavy machinery company. I got applauds for effective strategy developed for their Marketing team.
Honesty and Integrity being the core values of our friendship, our work reflected the efforts taken into a fruitful scenario. 2 years in a row we could bring huge crowd and 130+ great companies into the campus. Mrudhul, Sreekumar, Jobin, Anu, Harry, Sandeep, Manish, Anirban, Tony, Omkar, Nikhil, Saurabh etc. are true friends & family whom I received @ PIBM. They are Band of Brothers.
Late night masti, Birthday celebrations, College Katta, Volleyball and cricket sessions @ college, all have created special memories which cannot be traded for anything.
Now all are busy with their individual life – the struggling period that every MBA professional faces. He must grind himself enough to shine like a diamond. Tomorrow we will all be settled in our respective lives and when we will look back, every memory will speak about friendship @ PIBM.
Perseverance – A lifetime motto that every individual should follow to keep moving ahead in life. It took 16 months and 15 days for my Company to consider me for the position of Manager which is really an award-winning situation. Currently, I am Manager – Data and Media Services @ Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd., a Tier 1 Data Driven company known for its innovations and approach. Recognition is what you get after ample mistakes and scolding which eventually directs you to the right path. I can surely say PIBM has helped me in directing to the right path.
I take this opportunity to thank PIBM and its faculty members for assisting me and directing to the right path.

Vinod Mohankumar (Batch 2013-15)
Manager, Data and Media Services
Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd.