Startup by Our Students

NAAC B + Accrediated, Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University

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Once there was a time when we had to go to a pandit for conducting puja for Grahapravesh, Satyanarayan puja or any religious ceremony, or may be for starting any business or any new launching. We use to ask for a pandit for any “Shubh Mahurat” but the pandit may not be available at the required time. But in today’s fast transforming world towards Information Technology, everything has become easier on just one single click. So keeping this in mind, students of MBA, Hunumant Pandey & Vikas Jha under the mentoring of Prof. Gururaj Dangre – Head Of Department – Pratibha Institute Of Business Management Chinchwad, started an Online Portal– .They were inspired by “Startup India” which is introduced by our Hon. Prime Minister- Shree Narendra Modi.

This site includes all the information starting from booking a pandit till organising a puja. Even if you want a pandit from a holy place like – Kashi or from any part of Indian subcontinent, Pandit On Click proves to be beneficial to you. According to the requirement of the user of Pandit On Click, the pandit is available from all the regions of India like East to West and North to South..

This online portal was launched on 28/01/2016 Thursday, by the hands of Commissioner of PCMC, Pune – Shree Rajiv Jadhav along with the Secretary of Kamala Education Society Shri Deepak Shah, Corporate – Shree Sanjay Wable, Social Worker- Shree Vilas Madgire, Corporator- Sujata Tekavde & the Director of Pratibha Institute of Business Management – Dr. Prashant Gundawar.

Under this concept of ‘Startup India’ the students have being working hard from over a period of year to make something new which would be helpful for the society as well as for them to be successful future entrepreneurs.

The website has all language pandits with over 301 registrations which is increasing at fast pace. The pandits are highly qualified with vast & complete knowledge regarding pujas (rituals) from all over India. The portal developed by the two students has made it easier to perform all ritual activities at just one click. As per the Indian custom/tradition it is believed that performing pujas (rituals) brings peace, prosperity, harmony, glory to one’s life as well as at special occasions brings all the family members together for a good spiritual reason.

We are not able to get a pandit at the required time so, we are ignoring the Puja Path & Yagya Haven which actually has a great meaning & significance as written in all religious books. So to continue our custom in a proper manner and to maintain our sanskriti, this online portal has given a perfect & apt solution which will be very helpful for the next generation in understanding the importance of performing these pujas.

For example to receive the blessings of a Ganesh puja, first of all we should understand the importance of Lord Ganesha. After doing puja we seek the blessings & the qualities of Lord Ganesha within us i.e. Purity, Innocence, Chastity, Intelligence & removal of discrimination within us. Apart from these, performing Ganesh puja before conducting other pujas, it is believed that all the hurdles & obstacles that come in our way of progress is being removed by Lord Ganesha. So for performing the ritual one should understand the information, content, significance, how to perform the haven & about the Saamagri…… which is completely available in Pandit On Click. On this website, Shiv puja, Laxmi puja, Satyanarayan puja etc. are also available to the users.

In today’s fast changing – technological world & competitive- busy life, it is very tedious to get appropriate information regarding pandit & puja.

But now the wait is over because Pandit On Click provides you with a number of facilities such as Swami, Maharaj, Pujari, Bhramin, Pandit spoken as synonym in various languages.

It will be also providing the complete Saamagri kit as per your selected puja. Because of variety of Saamagri available in the market, people get confused regarding the correct selection so, will provide you with the proper Saamagri Kit.

After launching this portal, Pandit On Click is considered as a cutting edge in the field of IT. This website will be advantageous for those who don’t have time to visit a pandit personally & who don’t have any idea regarding the necessary stuff required for conducting the puja. So with a single click one can easily reach to any part of the country & select their pandit according to their language, tradition, rituals & make their puja fruitful & successful.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]