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Research paper published & Presented

Title of paper Name of the author/s
A study on financial literacy among women with special reference to Maharashtra Dr. Mahima Singh, Dr. Bhupali shah
Repercussions of covid-19 on the purchasing behaviour of the consumers Pallavi Chugh, Dr.Sachin Borgave
Data mining approaches for applications security Dr. Rekha Chouhan , Prof. Kavita Divekar
A study on borrower’s behaviour towards personal loans during covid19 pandemic Dr. Puja Bhardwaj
Study of investors awareness and attitude towards unit linked insurance plan Dr. Puja Bhardwaj
A Study on Work from Home During Covid-19 Pandemic: A SEM of employee performance Dr. Puja Bhardwaj
Aarogya Setu- Govt. Steps towards curtaining intensity of covid 19 pandemic Priya Mathurkar
A Study on Aftermath of Covid 19 on Investment predilection of Urban Household in Pune Prof. Gururaj Dangare, Dr. Mahima singh
Covid19- a forceful tweak in financial devising of Indian household Dr.Mahima Singh, Pallavi Chugh
A study on the factors influencing graduate students for the selection of MBA colleges in pune Prof. Sanjeevani Pandey
Investigating the Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Academic Performance Dr. Sachin Borgave
Exploring konkan tourism: a study of tourists’ preferences and factors influencing tourists’ satisfaction Dr. Sachin Borgave
Role of Yoga in Battling Mental Stress during Lockdown Dr. Sachin Borgave
A study on Impetuous Buying demeanor of consumers Dr. Mahima Singh, Dr. Bhupali Shah
Covid- 19 and its Ramification on Indian financial Health Dr. Mahima Singh , Niji Sahajn
A Study on The Product Adaptive Strategies of Generator Dr. Puja Bhardwaj
Case Study – Digital Saga of Mailers Dr. Puja Bhardwaj
A study about students perception of online teaching with traditional teaching in PCMC are, Pune City Chatterjee Tulika Debashis

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