[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”left-to-right”]KES’s PIBM has been offering Master level degrees in MBA/MCA , located in Pune. Today PIBM is a name to reckon with in PCMC with a unique focus on developing “Young Entrepreneurs”.

At this juncture of our journey’ there is a need to focus more on Research’ Development and Innovation activities across the MBA/MCA departments @ PIBM. We are inching our way in this arena and already have established the Research Cell. We also propose to have “Pratibha Center for Excellence and Research (PCER)” in our Campus. Our immediate goal will be to encourage faculty members and students at the Master’s levels to consciously bringing in research and innovation elements in their academic endeavors consciously.

We at PIBM envision preparing our students at par with any other student of International Level. We proudly host National Conference and Seminars and publish conference proceedings. These proceedings feature faculty research writing as well as students writing. Furthering we are also planning to publish a research journal to pave way for publishing innovative research ideas. To enrich student and faculty learning process, we plan to host well-known personalities from Academia and Industry to offer Invited Talks in the Seminars, Workshops and Conferences.

We will expect that every student will go the extra mile to learn not only the pre-defined academic curriculum, but also to blend it with the need of today’s Industry, and experiment the new ideas and concepts, translating them into new Research results.

India enjoys the reputation across the globe of being the Nation, which produces Management and IT professionals to reckon with. We want our students to Walk in that Exciting Path of Research and Innovation to not only helping themselves, but also the society and mankind as a whole.

I welcome you to be part of our endeavor to offer you an excellent platform to actively participate in Research and Innovation activities while pursuing MBA/MCA @PIBM , Pune.

Dr. Madhavi Deshpande
Head Research, Accreditation and Industry Collaborations