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  • Pratibha Center for Excellence and Research is an initiative of Pratibha Institute of Business Management.
  • We are in an era when knowledge is expanding at an unprecedented rate.Mastering theoretical and practical business skills among the real beneficiaries of business education program is indispensable for developing core competencies and giving them competitive edge.
  • In a short span of time, “ Pratibha” has become the name to reckon with. PIBM has strong presence in media too. The base has been laid down. This is the time for consolidating our position. Consolidation in Terms of strategically built academic proposition complemented by Research led vision and stand out in our deliverables.
  • We need focused initiatives and standardized operations to attract right student base and corporate base. It’s a journey towards institute of substance.

AAS of Pratibha Center for Excellence and Research

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Thought Map of the concept

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Organization of PCER

Sr. Position
1 Head/Dean PCER
2 Member Academics -PIBM
3 Member Academics – PIBM
4 Member Academics – PCCCS
5 Member Academics – PCCCS
6 Member Academics – PCCCS
7 Member Academics – PCOE
8 Member – Finance and Administration
9 Member – Industry Interface
10 Member – Industry Interface

Our Vision

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We are ready to innovate!!!!

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