Grooming is the mixture of style and discipline. Ms. Kuljeet Uppal, a renowned corporate soft skills trainer carry out various training sessions for our level students. The sessions include topics like business grooming, power dressing, optimistic thinking and personal hygiene etc. The different sessions on Confidence building, Stress management, Body language, Group Discussion and Interview techniques were also organized.

Induction Programme – Take Flight :

The induction programme at PIBM – ‘Take Flight’ gives students a glimpse of their coming years at PIBM. The program aims at giving students a sense of belonginginess and guide them into their chosen career paths. Our induction programs are organised to help the metamorphosis of our young students into professionals with high calibre on the path of becoming industry-ready. This programme is devised using scientific methods and conducted by experts over 3 days. Truly an experience that let our students ‘Take Flight’ towards the corporate world.

Let’s Talk Corporate :

Every field has its own jargon and every jargon has a story. All of these are explained to our students in our sessions, ‘Let’s talk corporate’. A session that helps students identify with the common terminologies in the corporate world and what they mean. So, whether it is cherry picking or glass ceiling, our students understand the use of language that spices up corporate communication.

Industrial Visits and Study Tours :

Being located amidst the industrial hub of PCMC area, PIBM has the advantage of being surrounded by some of the biggest names in the global business landscape. This gives our students an amazing opportunity to visit these industries and understand their work culture.
Additionally, visits to MNCs across India are also conducted to help the students understand cross cultural functioning of the multi national companies.

IT Quiz :

The IT Quiz is organised for the 1st year MCA students in order to help them understand and analyse their knowledge about current trends in the field of information technology, programming, latest gadgets and goes a long way in establishing the real picture in the minds of the students.

IT Technical Sessions : 

IT seminars are organised for students of MCA on specific topics of interest and current relevance. These seminars are conducted by faculty and visiting faculty from the field of IT. These sessions give students a wider perspective of the new scientific and technical developments in the world of Information Technology. Students are encouraged to participate in various inter collegiate competitions on academic topics.