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It is a special week for MBA students. In this week all the major entrepreneur’s of  Pune are invited under the single one roof of PIBM. All the students get chance to interact with experienced professional of their respective field. In this all the entrepreneurs share their valuable experience of corporate and a success story which is beneficial for them in the future career.

The Corporate Professionals for the corporate week to guide our students were:

  • Mr.Pradeep Lokhande
  • Mr.Surojit Saha – New Trends In Education
  • Mr. Parag Matkar – Careers in Finance and Project Management
  • Mr. Aditya Gokhale – Software Estimation
  • Mr.Subrato Rath – Six sigma & Steps in Data Analytics
  • Mr.Abhinav Shrivastav – Six sigma & Steps in Data Analytics
  • Mr.Vijay Bhanushali
  • Mr. Avdhut Ponkshe – Software Architecture and Design
  • Mr.Aseem Srivastav – How to be star in corporate world?
  • Ashwin Upadhaya – How to become Employable Professionals
  • Aniruddha Mukhopadhya – Digitialization in India [Banking as a domain]
  • Mr.Dhananjay Shiralkar – Importance of Attitude & Behavioural skills in Corporate World
  • Mr.Mukund Pathak – Culture & Measurement
  • Mr.Sapan Vaidya
  • Mr.Deepak Kulkarni – Evolving role of HR in changing business scenario
  • Shirshananda Panda – The digital economy, new business models and key features
  • Mr.Pranav Orpe